4th Step Inventory: Potential Sex Conduct to Inventory

4th Step Inventory:  Potential Sex Conduct to Inventory

Potential Sex Conduct to Inventory

Lusting, Pride, Selfish Actions, 1st Loves, Broken Hearts, Inappropriate Behaviors, Body Image, Sexual Abuse, Pornography, Abortions, Contraceptive Use, Using Sexuality to Get Attention and/or Loving Feelings,  Prostitution, Self-Gratification, STD’s, Lying, Adultery, Arousing Jealousy, Arousing Suspicion, Arousing Bitterness, Eating Disorders, Feelings of Inadequacy, Disrespectful Talk About Opposite Sex, Disrespectful Jokes About Opposite Sex, Same Sex Attraction, Pre-Marital Sex, Incest, Lifting Your Own Ego, Sex with Newcomers, Seductive Talk, Flirting, Physical Appearances, Pretending to be Something You Are Not (like Tough, Cool, Sexy, Wealthy, Important, Kind, Loving, Committed, Faithful, etc), Bad Parenting, Misunderstanding Your Sexuality, Questions of the Role of God in Sexual Issues, Person-hood, Authentic Human Fulfillment, True Love, Authentic Loving Marriage, Divorce, Lack of Trusting Another Human Being, Half Measures, Sex and Prayer, Authentic Masculinity and Femininity, Manhood, Womanhood, Friendships (Same Sex Commonalities), Friendships (Opposite Sex Commonalities), The Traits of Those Who Intimidate You and The Traits of Those You Intimidate…